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20 Jun 2017
Press Release

VCCC & MBS Leadership Program 2017

  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • University of Melbourne
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • Western Health
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
  • Royal Women's Hospital
  • St Vincent's Institute
  • Austin Health
  • Melbourne Business School
  • Melbourne Health

The VCCC in conjunction with the Melbourne Business School, has developed a tailor-made leadership program for senior leaders working in the VCCC's collaborative environment. This multi-day program develops strong professional leadership capability in current and future leaders of the partner organisations. The program is aimed at senior clinicians, clinician-scientists and researchers who are part of the effort to develop the cancer program. Each year the VCCC supports 21 leaders to attend the workshops, congratulations to this year's participants, representing a wide variety of disciplines and interests in cancer research and clinical care:

  • Prof Grant McArthur
  • Prof Ricky Johnstone, PMCC
  • Prof Mei Krishnasamy, UoM
  • Dr Jayesh Desai, MH/PMCC
  • Assoc Prof Gavin Wright, SVHM/PMCC/MH
  • Assoc Prof Peter Gibbs, WEHI/MH/WH
  • Prof Andrew Scott, Austin
  • Dr David Kok, PMCC
  • Dr Clare Fedele, PMCC
  • Dr Caroline Baker, STVs
  • Dr Michael Dickinson, PMCC
  • Dr Richard Khor, Austin
  • Dr Lesley Stafford, RWH
  • Dr Kylie Mason, RMH/PMCC/UoM
  • Assoc Prof Linda Mileshkin, PMCC
  • Assoc Prof Louise Purton, SVI/STVs
  • Sonia Mailer, PMCC
  • Celia Marston, PMCC/RMH
  • Jenelle Loeliger, PMCC
  • Anya Traill, PMCC
  • Yvonne Panek-Hudson, PMCC