Building Capability

Growth in Victoria’s clinical trial capability enables our workforce to implement more cancer clinical trials in a broader range of disciplines. As a result, cancer patients have access to a diverse, range of clinical trials, treatments and technologies, and a better chance of being eligible.

The Building Capability Program advances knowledge and opportunity through:

  • Leadership development for identified disciplines requiring progress
  • Network creation for clinicians and healthcare professionals
  • Training and mentoring for new investigators
  • Clinical trial fellowships
  • Resources and workforce development opportunities

Proven infrastructure and governance delivers

Cancer clinical trials in Victoria are often conducted by VCCC alliance partners, including Western Health, the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital and Austin Health.

This critical mass of successful clinical trial facilities and clinician researchers, have expertise across all phases of clinical trials, as well as proven infrastructure and established governance methods.

Expanding our clinical trials portfolio

To broaden and diversify clinical trials in Victoria, our activities aim to provide tailored pathways. Clinicians from cancer related disciplines, other than medical oncology and haematology, have lacked opportunities to develop the expertise required to develop and run clinical trials.

VCCC program champions are establishing clinical trials as routine practice within palliative care services. When feasible, this activity will be expanded into supportive care, surgical oncology, allied health, radiation oncology and other fields.

Clinical trial capability contact

Evelien Rosens, VCCC Program Manager

Phone: 03 8559 8583

Palliative care clinical trials, a high priority

Palliative care has been identified as the first clinical discipline to be supported, with high-level community advocacy and a large patient pool.

Our alliance partners’ clinical trials sites have leadership, expertise and experience in conducting a range of trials, encompassing areas such as cancer pain management, anorexia, cachexia, nausea and vomiting, constipation and breathlessness interventions.

The sites work collaboratively across Victoria to deliver quality clinical trials. A proven track record combined with excellent leadership has achieved rapid feasibility assessment, ethics and governance approval, as well as successful participant recruitment, all in the context of expert data management and reporting.

Palliative care clinical trials contacts

Professor Jennifer Philip, VCCC Chair of Palliative Medicine

Phone: 03 9231 1267

Associate Professor Brian Le, Director Palliative Care

Phone: 03 8559 7960